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Sabre to the Rescue


September 28, 1952. American F-84s are attacking targets in North Korea, about 30 miles south of the Yalu River. Lt. "Chick" Cleveland is leading the close cover with four F-86 Sabre jets at Angels 7. Undetected out of nowhere, the Americans are jumped by a flight of three MiG-15s determined to get to the F-84s. Chick yells "Drop tanks and go buster," and the fight is on! Cleveland accelerates and gains to close range on the lead MiG, who is scoring hits on an F-84 that is scoring hits on a truck convoy! Chick fires his six .50 cals, and the MiG leader is instantly riddled, slowing, and on fire. Firing again to ensure the victory, Cleveland's MiG is soon a fireball on a hillside below. This is Chick's 4th confirmed kill at the time. With the MiG leader gone, the other two MiGs bolt for home. The action was fortuitous as the F-84 pilot was able to limp home with his badly damaged jet to Kimpo to fight another day. Lt. Cleveland will complete his tour of duty in Korea with 4 confirmed victories and 2 probables. It would take more than 50 years and research in Soviet archives to finally confirm that one probable on September 21 was in fact a confirmed victory, making Chick the 40th Korean War Jet Ace.

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