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This painting is unique to the work of Roy Grinnell as it is the first effort to paint for a front line, active duty squadron. We learned early on that it would be impossible to have each pilot sign each lithograph. With duty requirements and transfers, there was no single location ever, where all officers were together at the same time. So, in order to honor these men, create little interference with their call to duty, we have captured their authorized signatures and transferred them to each lithograph. Their record of accomplishments in Iraq is truly outstanding and these men deserve to be recognized along with their historic Squadron! –Sawadee.

From winning the airwar in the Pacific flying P-61s in WWII, to winning the "surge" in Iraq in F-16CGs, the 421st Black Widows have carried out their mission with dedication and excellence. During their third deployment to Joint Base Balad, Iraq from 1 Jan to 22 May 2008, the Black Widows fl ew over 1,690 combat sorties, totaling 6,900 fl right hours, employing over 45,000 pounds of precision weapons in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

The Black Widows racked up an astounding combat performance by hitting 100% of their targets in close proximity to friendly forces with absolutely no unintended collateral damage! Signatures on this lithograph are of the Black Widow pilots who flew during this pivotal point in assuring Iraq's national security - SAWADEE!

Overall Size: 17 x 22

Edition Size: 421 S&N prints - $95.00

50 Artist Proofs - $125.00

All prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity and come in an acid free sleeve.