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Olds Flight


On September 9, 1972, Olds Flight, a flight of four McDonnell F-4D Phantom II's was assigned the mission of combat air patrol (MiG CAP) in an area about 30 miles north-northwest of Hanoi, North Vietnam, in the vicinity of Thud Ridge. In Olds 1, Flight Lead Captain John Madden and his Weapon's System Operator, Capt. Chuck DeBellevue awaited their call to action from friendly GCI (ground controlled intercept). GCI reported MiG activity to the east. Olds 3 was first to spot the MiG-21J on final approach into Phuc Yen Airfield. Olds 1 engaged, locked on and fired two AIM 7 missiles. The missiles lost lock-on and impacted the ground. The MiG attempted to make a run for safety. Olds 1, unable to re-engage cleared Olds 3 to press the attack. The crew of Olds 3, Capt. Brian Tibbetts and 1st Lt. Bud Hargrove moved to within 500 feet of the MiG and shot it down with its 20 mm cannon. As the flight rejoined, GCI again called MiG's. Olds 1 made a slight turn to meet the MiG's head on. Olds 3 climbed to cover Olds 1 ad Olds 1 made a tight 8G turn behind the 2 MiG-19s and fired two AIM-9Js. The first missile exploded near the wingman sending him away in flames. The lead MiG increased his turn radium as Olds 1 fired a third AIM 9 striking the MiG in the afterburner section. The MiG continued on for a moment, started a slow roll and split S'd into the ground. Olds Flight finished the day with one MiG-21 and two MiG-19's without losing any planes to enemy fighters. Those were Capt. Chuck DeBellevue's fifth and sixth kills.

Roy's dramatic Vietnam, F-4 print signed by Capt. John Madden and Capt. Chuck Debellevue. The lithograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity documenting the combat.

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