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Skyhawk Tribute


This dramatic image is a tribute to the A4 Skyhawk and is signed by 23 Naval and Marine Aviators. It is signed Everett Alvarez, Stan Arthur, Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr.. Richard "Zeke" Cormier, Al Crebo, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Wynn Foster, R. Byron Fuller, Harry Gann, Paul Gallanti, Rich Hearney , Jim Holloway, Jay Hubbard, Otto Krueger, Tony Less, Jack R. Lousma, Bob Lutz, Wes McDonald, Thomas H. Miller, Robert Raihn, T.R. Schwartz, David "Whizzer" White and "Youthly Puresome" Jack Woodul.

Limited Edition Lithograph: 25 x 32 - $250.00