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First Victory of the "Screamin' Kid"


Mission No. 7, 21 August 1943, escorting bombers to Wewak Island area, 1st St. John Loisel, 475 FG, 432 FS, was number 3 of Clover White Flight. Approaching Wewak, Clover leader said "Drop tanks." The flight dropped tanks to 9,000 feet. The flight saw P-38's and enemy aircraft at distance straight ahead. After combat with a Kawasaki Ki-61 Tony, 2 Mitsubishi A6M Zeros, and a twin engine fighter, Loisel made a head-on pass with another Tony. Loisel saw the right wing of Tony peeling off in large pieces and believed one piece struck Lt. Lucas' wing. Loisel claimed this Tony as his first victory. Loisel got one more that day. He claimed two Tony's definitely destroyed for the Screamin' Kid." Loisel completed the war with 11 victories. He retired as a Colonel.

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