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One for My Dad


1st Lt. James Morris, while under intense flak over a German airfield, downs a FW-190 A/7 flown by Otto Hummel. It is February 8, 1944. Flying a low level sweep on this day with the 20th FG, 77th FS, Lt. Morris brings down a total of 4 German fighters and destroys one locomotive. Three days later, he becomes the first P-38 Ace in the ETO, downing an Me-109. James will finish the war with 7.33 victories, but is himself shot down near Leipzig and made a POW on July 7, 1944.

300 S&N fine art prints

Please note that Ace Jim Morris was unable to sign the print, at the time of the signing, and therefore authorized his signature to be printed on each Gold Star print.

It is hand signed by Artist Roy Grinnell
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100 S&N Giclees on canvas or heavy paper
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