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Slow But Deadly


Over the Coral Sea, May 8, 1942. Flying SBD-3 Black Ten of VS-5 off the USS Yorktown, Lt. Stanley (Swede) W. Vejtasa and his radioman/gunner 3rd Class Frank B. Wood, are on anti-torpedo patrol. A Zero makes a head-on pass, just missing with 20mm tracers passing to the left side of the SBD. Constantly turning into the Zero, violently skidding and slipping the SBD, Swede keeps from getting hit while finally hitting and flaming the Zero with return fire. Two other Zero's challenge, and are also defeated, all between 1114 and 1140. Swede achieved Ace status on October 26, 1942 with VF-10 and finished the war with 10.25 confirmed victories.

300 S&N limited edition fine art prints signed by Ace Swede Vejtasa and Roy Grinnell
17 x 22 - $95.00

100 S&N Giclees on canvas or heavy paper
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